Layer 2 managed services

Layer 2 services

Ethernet & Virtual Private Networks
If you need a reliable and secure Ethernet connection to exchange information between your offices, connect to data centers, or work with virtual resources, skytrend is your partner. Symmetrical speeds, reliability and proactive 24x7 surveillance make the services particularly suitable when the data exchange is an essential part of your business.
IP VPN services
IP VPN services provide you with guaranteed and secure data transfer for in-house applications, centralized Internet access, voice and video communications. The solution guarantees you a reliable, geographically distributed network and maximum protection against unauthorized access and external malicious influences.
Advantages of Using Skytrend layer 2 services
  1. Fully redundant network. All nodes in the MPLS network are connected to at least two optical paths in order to guarantee a 100% service.
  2. Proactive control and maintenance of the network by skytrend's highly qualified engineering team. skytrend proactively monitors 24/7 the network and the service status, in order for you to use it seamlessly and to focus on your business.
  3. There are highly-qualified certified specialists who are available around the clock to support you when there is a deviation in the quality of the provided services before you receive a signal.
  4. Mandatory SLA for your services. We understand that Internet connectivity is extremely important to your business and, thus, we provide a binding support agreement for our services. The standard availability level of skytrend's Internet services is 99.7%. If we fail to meet it, we are will financially reimburse you.

Quality and service assurance

Skytrend network forms the basis of our internet, voice and cloud services to small, medium and large organisations. By delivering some of the fastest speeds and most reliable connectivity available today, our carrier ethernet network will ensure you have the foundation required to get things done quickly and reliably. Skytrend access routes are designed to provide carrier class connectivity to as many end-users as possible. The core ring is continuously growing as customer and SP demands are taken into consideration for extended network coverage. Being skyTrend carrier ethernet 2.0 compliant enables us to provide fibre business services with world- class carrier compliant Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The services are proactively monitored all the way to the User Network Interface (UNI) where the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) connects.