skytrend Ip Transit

SKYTREND IP Transit services provide the reliability, scalability, and performance that your business demands. Ready to get started?

For Your Customers- IP Transit
  • comprehensive reach.
  • uncontended bandwidth.
  • dedicated 1:1 traffic protection.
  • IP restoration arrangements via different cables.
  • Ethernet capacities up to and beyond 100Gbps.
  • efficient and resilient regional routing – where possible, traffic is routed locally, not ‘tromboned’ through other central locations
  • comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA)
For your business- IP Transit
  1. Content peering with Google, Akamai and Microsoft.
  2. KIXP connection for local connectivity.
  3. On-net service at Smart hub in Fujairah.
  4. Redundant topology to guarantee business availability. Ability to scale to meet growing carrier needs.
  5. Protected IP services.
Product Options -IP Transit
  • IP transit at our on-net pops: both Local and International IXPs. i.e. Nairobi, Mombasa, Malaba, Nandapal.
  • EoSDH, IP levels of STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 and STM-64 bandwidth capacity.
  • Access to global IP/MPLS POPs via partners.


Skytrend Neworks tier 1 IP Transit service is described as a hidden gem by our customers. Our service operates on the biggest network. We offer bandwidth of the highest quality, speed, reliability and affordability. Broadband connections are available up to 1Gbps for our residential customers and up to 100Gb for our business customers. Skytrend Networks has built its network applying carrier-grade hardware consisting of Points of Presence (PoPs) in major internet hubs with an architecture guaranteeing the best quality to price ratio. Our network has private peering relationships with all the major ASNs who are directly connected to us ensuring the fastest and shortest routes for your traffic. They also have an availability rate of 99.9%. Skytrend Networks current IP Transit administrations keep up with huge scope reachability and the adaptability to work from anyplace.