Transforming Potential into Performance


Data, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become powerful engines for business.At Skytrend, we know that a new type of professional is required to harness the potential that analytics and AI offer.

Smart BI/Analytics
Gain complete insight to the information that matters to your company’s future through our BI/Analytics platform. Aggregate, shape, transform and visualize your data in a couple of seconds.
Real Time
Skytrend is using state-of-the-art technologies and the new http2 standard to provide blazing fast processing of events & data but also to support real-time monitoring & notifications.
API-First Design
The API-first approach allows products to evolve into organic, self-organizing ecosystems that can grow to handle new and unforeseen demands. skytrend is using the OpenAPI specification which makes the integration with external systems extremely easy.

Skytrend AI services.

Skytrend AI is a collection of technologies that excel at extracting insights and patterns from large sets of data. AI can use those insights and patterns to make predictions about what drives outcomes. It can even learn to improve its predictions over time. This makes Skytrend AI solutions perfect for anyone who uses analytics data to make decisions. We're talking data analysis using systems like Google Analytics, automation platforms, business intelligence systems, content management systems, and CRMs. With AI in analytics, you can get more value out of the data you already have, unify that data, and make increasingly valuable predictions based on your data. This all sounds great for more info Get intouch